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The Beautiful Bunch is a not-for-profit social enterprise and registered charity. All donations of $2 AUD or more to The Beautiful Bunch are tax deductible.

Our People

“My name is Aziza, I am from Afghanistan. I arrived in Australia in September 2021 with my sister and my mother. I leave my country in a bad situation. My first employment job experience was at The Beautiful Bunch with the support of a young, gentle, very kind woman Jane, who has a very great personality, and a growth mindset. When I started the job, I was not feeling well mentally because of the war in my country. I will never forget the team’s support on those bad days. Everything was new for me, but I could find some friends at The Beautiful Bunch. My English improved and now I have local experience which has helped me to find a full-time job. Beautiful Bunch is a good and friendly environment. I really liked working with flowers. I thank Jane and the team from bottom of my heart for giving me the opportunity to have my first job in Australia.”

Our Purpose

At The Beautiful Bunch we train, employ, train and support young women from refugee backgrounds to acquire the skills, self-confidence, and connections they need to find meaningful employment and begin to build their dreams! We support our trainees to overcome significant barriers to entering the workforce. In Australia in areas where large numbers of culturally diverse communities live, youth unemployment can be as high as three times the national average, and young women from refugee backgrounds face more significant barriers to securing employment than their male counterparts. We strive to support our trainees to achieve not only employment and financial independence in the short-term, but, more broadly, an understanding of Australian workplace culture, an awareness of the changing nature of work, attainment of transferrable, relevant skills, and a sense of purpose and identity that supports a meaningful career journey!

We are a group of innovative, passionate and resilient women, who are constantly thinking about creative ways we can improve on what we do, provide the best kind of support to our trainees, and grow our community! All donations to The Beautiful Bunch go a very long way and are a hugely important in helping us to continue the work that we do. Thank you!

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